Best Google Ads Courses

Google Ads courses

By Skill Level:

  • Beginner Courses: Ideal for those new to Google Ads, covering basics such as setting up an account, understanding campaign structures, and learning how to create their first ads.
  • Intermediate Courses: For those with some experience, focusing on optimizing campaigns, improving ad copy, and using Google Ads reporting to analyze performance.
  • Advanced Courses: Targeted at experienced professionals, these courses delve into advanced bidding strategies, complex campaign types (like Shopping or App campaigns), and using Google Ads scripts for automation.

By Certification:

  • Certification Preparation Courses: Specifically designed to help students pass Google Ads certification exams, such as the Google Ads Search Certification or the Google Ads Display Certification.
  • Courses with Certificates: These courses offer a certificate upon completion, which can be added to resumes or LinkedIn profiles, even if they are not directly affiliated with Google’s own certifications.

By Specialization:

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