Ad extensions are not displayed

Ad extensions

If your ad extensions are not being displayed in Google Ads, there are various reasons and corresponding measures you can take:

1st ad extension ranking:
Ad extensions are only displayed when your ad reaches a certain position in the auction ranking.

  • Solution: Improve your ad ranking by increasing your bids and your quality score.

2. competition from other advertisements:
If many ads are competing for placements at the same time, extensions are sometimes not displayed.

  • Solution: Optimize your ads and extensions to outperform the competition.

3. relevance of the extensions:
Google prefers to show extensions if they are relevant to the searcher.

  • Solution: Make sure that your extensions are closely linked to the content of your ads and keywords.

4. number of extensions:
If you have added too many extensions, not all of them may be displayed.

  • Solution: Focus on the best-performing extensions and keep your selection clear.

5. format of the extensions:
Certain extensions are displayed differently on mobile devices or desktops due to their format or size.

  • Solution: Customize the design of your extensions so that they work well on all devices.

6. approval status:
Extensions that do not comply with Google’s guidelines will not be activated.

  • Solution: Check Google’s guidelines and adjust your extensions accordingly.

7th test phase from Google:
Google regularly tests which extensions have the best performance.

  • Solution: Be patient, as Google may currently be carrying out tests.

8. settings of the campaign:
Sometimes the extensions do not match the settings of your campaign or target group.

  • Solution: Check the campaign settings and adjust them if necessary.

9. limited space available:
Due to space limitations, Google does not always display all available extensions.

  • Solution: Focus on the most important extensions for your campaign goals.

10. visibility settings:
Check whether the extensions are configured correctly for visibility.

  • Solution: Adjust the settings to increase visibility.

If you don’t see any improvement despite these steps, I recommend checking the detailed reports in Google Ads or contacting support. Sometimes individual problems are not immediately apparent and require a deeper analysis. As a Google Ads expert, I am available to discuss specific challenges and find a customized solution for your problem. Do not hesitate to contact me for a personal consultation.

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