Google Ads account has been blocked

Google Ads Account

A Google Ads account suspension can be due to a number of reasons, and this situation can be particularly worrying for any advertiser. Here are some possible reasons for a block and what you can do:

1. violation of the guidelines:
Your account may be blocked if it has repeatedly or seriously violated Google’s advertising guidelines.

  • Solution: Check all notifications from Google about the violations. Read the policy carefully and identify the specific issues in your account that may have led to the violation. Correct these problems before requesting a review.

2. suspicion of fraudulent activities:
Google takes the integrity of its advertising network seriously and will block accounts that show suspicious activity.

  • Solution: Make sure that no unusual or fraudulent activity, such as invalid clicks or identity fraud, is coming from your account. Check your payment methods and access rights.

3. problems with payment:
Payment problems, such as rejected payments or the use of stolen credit cards, can lead to the account being blocked.

  • Solution: Update your payment information with a valid and secure payment method. Contact your bank to make sure there are no problems with your means of payment.

4. poor performance and quality factor:
Accounts that consistently perform poorly and have low quality factors could be deemed unsustainable by Google.

  • Solution: Work on improving the quality of your campaigns to increase the quality factor and performance.

5. misuse of advertising credits:
The misuse of promotional credit or promotional codes can also lead to a block.

  • Solution: Only use promotional credits or promotional codes that are directly intended for your account and comply with the terms of use.

6. multiple accounts and duplicate content:
Creating multiple accounts for the same company or similar campaigns may be considered a violation.

  • Solution: Consolidate your advertising activities into a single account and avoid duplicate content.

7. unwanted software or malicious products:
Advertising products that are classified as harmful by Google can lead to immediate bans.

  • Solution: Remove all ads, keywords or landing pages that are associated with such products.

8. inadmissible content:
Advertising content that is considered illegal, misleading or inappropriate is a common reason for account suspensions.

  • Solution: Check your ads for inadmissible content and adapt them to the guidelines.

If your Google Ads account has been suspended, it is important that you act quickly. Review all the blocking information provided by Google, correct the issues listed, and then submit an appeal. In many cases, direct communication with Google Ads support is necessary to clarify the matter. An experienced Google Ads expert can help you identify the causes of the suspension and assist with account recovery.

If you need support, I will be happy to guide you through the process and get your account up and running again.

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