Google Ads Campaign Audit Checklist

Google Ads Campaign Audit

Here’s a comprehensive checklist that you can follow to audit your Google Ads campaigns and identify areas for improvement:

Campaign Structure

  • [ ] Campaign Naming Conventions: Are your campaigns named in a clear, consistent manner that reflects their purpose?
  • [ ] Ad Group Structure: Do ad groups contain tightly themed keywords for targeted ad messaging?
  • [ ] Campaign Type Selection: Are you using the appropriate campaign types (Search, Display, Shopping, etc.) for your goals?

Targeting and Audience

  • [ ] Location Targeting: Are you targeting the right geographical locations where your customers are located?
  • [ ] Language Settings: Have you selected the appropriate language settings for your target audience?
  • [ ] Audience Targeting: Are you effectively using audience targeting options like demographics, interests, remarketing lists, etc.?
  • [ ] Excluded Locations and Negative Audiences: Have you excluded irrelevant locations and audiences to prevent wasted spend?

Keywords and Match Types

  • [ ] Keyword Relevance: Are the keywords relevant to the ads and landing pages?
  • [ ] Keyword Match Types: Are you effectively using different match types (broad, phrase, exact) for better control?
  • [ ] Negative Keywords: Have you regularly updated your negative keyword list to exclude irrelevant traffic?

Ads and Extensions

  • [ ] Ad Copy Relevance: Does your ad copy accurately reflect the keyword themes and offer clear value propositions?
  • [ ] Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Are your CTAs compelling and clear?
  • [ ] Ad Extensions: Are you utilizing all relevant ad extensions (sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, etc.) to enhance your ad visibility and information?
  • [ ] Responsive Ads: If applicable, are you using responsive ads to optimize your ad presentation across devices?

Bidding and Budget

  • [ ] Bidding Strategy: Is your bidding strategy aligned with your campaign goals (e.g., CPC, CPA, ROAS)?
  • [ ] Budget Allocation: Are budgets appropriately allocated to high-performing campaigns and ad groups?
  • [ ] Bid Adjustments: Have you set bid adjustments for devices, locations, and times that align with your audience’s behavior?

Conversion Tracking and Goals

  • [ ] Conversion Tracking Setup: Is conversion tracking correctly set up and tracking all valuable actions?
  • [ ] Goal Completion: Are your campaigns meeting their set goals (e.g., lead generation, sales)?
  • [ ] Attribution Model: Are you using the most appropriate attribution model for your business goals?

Performance Analysis

  • [ ] Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Are you regularly reviewing KPIs like CTR, conversion rate, CPA, and ROAS?
  • [ ] Ad and Keyword Performance: Are low-performing ads and keywords identified and optimized or paused?
  • [ ] Quality Score Review: Are you monitoring and working to improve the Quality Scores of your keywords?

Continuous Improvement

  • [ ] A/B Testing: Are you conducting A/B tests on ad copy, landing pages, and bidding strategies?
  • [ ] Campaign Experiments: Are you using campaign experiments to test significant changes?
  • [ ] Industry Trends and Updates: Are you staying informed about Google Ads updates and industry trends?

This checklist is designed to guide Google Ads users through a thorough audit of their campaigns, helping to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Regularly auditing your Google Ads campaigns using this checklist can lead to enhanced performance, better budget utilization, and ultimately, more successful outcomes.

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