Google Ads ad rejected

Google Ads ad rejected

If your Google Ads ad has been rejected, it can be frustrating, but there are clear steps you can take to fix the problem:

1. review of the Google Ads guidelines:
The most common reason for the rejection of an ad is a violation of Google’s advertising guidelines.

  • Solution: Read the guidelines carefully and check your ad for content that could violate these rules. This includes checks for copyright infringements, misleading content, inappropriate language and much more.

2. unauthorized keywords:
Some keywords, especially those that have to do with sensitive topics, can lead to rejection.

  • Solution: Remove or replace the affected keywords with keywords that comply with the guidelines.

3. misleading or inaccurate ad content:
If your ad makes promises or suggests results that are not realistic or verifiable, it may be rejected.

  • Solution: Make sure all claims in your ad are accurate and truthful.

4. problems with the landing page:
An ad can also be rejected due to problems with the associated landing page.

  • Solution: Your landing page should load quickly, be secure for users (HTTPS), show transparent business practices and match the content of the ad.

5. missing information:
Google requires certain information to be present in ads or on landing pages, such as privacy policies or contact information.

  • Solution: Add the necessary information to increase transparency and trustworthiness.

6. objectionable content:
Content that could be considered offensive or inappropriate will result in rejection.

  • Solution: Revise the content to ensure it is family friendly and suitable for a wide audience.

7. rights of use for images or videos:
The use of copyrighted material without permission may result in rejection.

  • Solution: Only use material for which you have the rights of use or use license-free media.

8. lack of disclaimer:
Certain types of advertisements require specific disclaimers or disclosures.

  • Solution: Add any necessary disclaimers or disclosures, especially if you’re promoting health or financial products.

Once you have made the above adjustments, you can submit your ad for reconsideration. If the ad is rejected again or you are unsure what exactly the problem is, you can ask Google Ads support for clarification. In more complex cases, the help of an experienced Google Ads professional can be valuable in order to precisely identify the causes and successfully place the ad.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help. I can guide you through the process and help you design your ads so that they get approved and run successfully.

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