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1. Keyword Search Review
Search Term Audit (add extra negative KWs)
– add extra negative KWs to stop unrelated searches
– add extra long tail search terms
Identify keywords that are not performing well.
– Keywords with a high CPC compared to the account average
– Keywords which have a high cost per conversion compared to the account average
– Keywords with a status warning (low search volume, below first page bid, rarley shown due to low quality score)
Review match types
– Are there keywords which can be added as phrase or exact match
Auction Insights Report
– Are there new competitors or have competitors increased their spend
Keyword status
– Do any keywords have a ‘below first page bid estimate’ warning
– Do any keywords have a ‘rarely shown due to low quality score’ warning
– Do any keywords have a ‘low search volume’ warning
2. Ad Review
Review Ads by Ad Group
– Identify Ads with poor performance by conversion rate
– Identify Ads with poor performance by low quality score
– Identify Ads with poor performance by low CTR
– Review Ad Strength: Add or update until we get a Good or Excellent score
Complete Ad Copy Spilt Testing (Run Manual Tests with 2 different ads per ad group)
– Testing the best performing headlines & descriptions and the best positions for headlines & descriptions
Landing Page Review
– Are different landing pages performing better in terms of conversion rate
– check all landing pages to make sure that are URLs are working and that Google Ads is not disapproving any ads due to 404s, slow page load times etc
Ad Copy Warnings
– check all ads to make sure that google ads has not applied any limited approvals, which could be affecting the visibility of the ad.
– have any ads been disaproved. If so, make changes and re-submit ads
Ad Extensions Check & Recommendations
– sitelink extensions
– callout extensions
– structured snippet extension
– call extension
– lead form extension
– location extensions (GMB linking)
– affiliate location extensions
– price extension
– promotion extension
– image extensions
3. Quality Score (keywords & ads)
– Identify Keywords and Ads that have a low Quality score.
– changes to ad copy to help with KW targeting and quality score
– landing page updates to help with KW targeting
– Google Analytics checks to review bounce rate and average session time
4. Bid Optimisation – Audience & Demographic Targeting
Search for possible bid optimisations to improve performance, under dimensions:
– Hour of the day / Day of the week
– Demographics by: age, gender, income, location
– Audiences
– Review new potential new audiences to add
5. Conversion Action Checks
– Are all conversion actions working
– If tracking phone calls, review the call extension report
6. Location Targeting
– Identify searches from non targeted location (and exclude locations)
– Review location performance and add bid optimisations (if required)
7. Campaign Goal Settings
Is current campaign goal still the best option
– For CPA Goal: is this higher than the current performance. (If actual CPA is lower than CPA goal the CPA goal should be reduced)
– Has your number of conversions stalled. (if no other reason can be found test another campaign goal)
8. Quality Control
– Budget pacing checks
– Payment & Account budgets
9. Recommendations Tab
– Review system generated recommendations and implement or reject