Keywords do not generate impressions


If your keywords are not generating impressions in Google Ads, there are several possible reasons and steps you can take:

1. bids that are too low:
If your bids are too low, your ads may not be delivered because they cannot compete in the auction.

  • Solution: Increase your bids to make your ads more competitive.

2. keyword match types that are too restrictive:
Using match types that are too specific can result in your keywords not covering enough search queries.

  • Solution: Use less restrictive match types such as ‘Broad’ or ‘Phrase Match’ to increase reach.

3. low quality factor:
A low quality factor can lead to your ads being displayed less frequently.

  • Solution: Work on improving your quality score by optimizing ad texts, landing pages and the relevance of your keywords.

4. poorly performing keywords:
Sometimes keywords are classified as ineffective by Google due to poor history.

  • Solution: Remove or pause poorly performing keywords and add new, relevant keywords.

5. negative keywords:
Check whether negative keywords may be blocking relevant search queries.

  • Solution: Adjust your list of negative keywords to avoid unintentional overlaps.

6. ad planning:
If you have set an ad schedule, your ads may only be shown at certain times.

  • Solution: Check your ad schedule and make sure it matches the desired times.

7 Geographical settings:
Your geographical focus may be too narrow.

  • Solution: Expand your geographical settings to reach more potential customers.

8. budget restrictions:
A daily budget that is too low can prevent all your keywords from being delivered.

  • Solution: Increase the budget or distribute it more evenly across your campaigns.

9. display status:
Make sure that your ads and the associated keywords are approved.

  • Solution: Check the approval status of your keywords and ads.

10. seasonal trends:
Some keywords are affected by seasonal search trends.

  • Solution: Adapt your keyword strategy to seasonal trends or use keywords that are relevant all year round.

If you have checked and adjusted these points but your keywords are still not generating any impressions, it may be worth consulting a Google Ads expert. As an experienced Google Ads expert, I can carry out a detailed analysis and help to identify and rectify the causes. Feel free to contact me to discuss your campaign and find a solution together.

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