IT & Marketing For Startups

With our extensive background of over 15 years in the startup ecosystem, we deliver unparalleled support in IT and marketing to keep your business ahead.

Beyond Just Ads

From Audience Definition to Page Optimization

Value for Money

Achieve Cost-effective Customer Acquisition

Flexible Financing

Suitable for Both Small and Large Budgets

Generating Targeted Prospects and Clients With Google and Bing Ads

Is persuading each potential client draining you? Feel like you’re putting in too much time for too little return?

Many in your target group could be searching online for services like yours. A well-structured search engine strategy can effortlessly turn these individuals into dedicated clients.

Looking to significantly amplify your client base, revenue, and profit, but facing slow client growth?

Leverage the power of Google Ads. With the right strategy, if we turn a €1,000 ad spend into €3,000 in revenue, imagine what we can do with a €10,000 investment—potentially boosting it to €30,000!

Juggling countless responsibilities in your startup and unable to tap into search engine marketing’s potential?

Trust in our autonomous approach, tailored to your goals. No micromanagement required. Our track record of founding startups and partnering with others equips us with the know-how to propel your startup forward.


I didn't have to worry about anything. Interwebs developed the right strategy and implemented it autonomously.
Dusthin L.
Wilhelm could intuitively put himself in the target group's shoes and align the marketing measures accordingly.
Markus L.
Interwebs feels more than just an agency; it's rather like a business partner that always had the success of our startup in mind.
Christian S.


Specialized in Google Ads for Startups

We master Google Ads from the ground up. Whether with a small budget or large – we know how to get the best out of it for your startup.

No micromanagement needed

We operate independently, working always in harmony with your startup’s vision.

Success with Google Ads goes beyond mere ads

It requires a thoughtful marketing strategy, precise target group definition, a robust website, and goal-oriented landing pages. In all of this, we stand by your side.


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