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Aleksandr Libedenets 

Aleksandr has been writing code for many years. He began his career as a full-stack developer, and has since become an expert in various languages and frameworks. Developer X loves to write clean code, and is always looking to learn new things.

  • Expertise in a variety of programming languages and frameworks
  • Experience with a variety of AWS solutions, Docker, GCP, and Kubernetes
  • Strong architecture development skills
  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities

He is especially skilled in Linux system administration and development with Php frameworks such as Laravel and Yii2. In addition to this he also has significant experience with Vue js applications and docker containers. Recently he has started working with Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platfor

General experience in:

  • Linux, Nginx, Apache
  • Php, phpunit, Laravel, YII2
  • Vue js, vue-router, vuex, axios, vuetify, nuxt
  • Git(github, bitbucket, gitlab)
  • RESTful API. JWT. Transformers
  • MongoDB. MySQL

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